BIT INC. | Investment Business

Investment Business
Real Estate Investment
BIT INC. provides real estate investments positively to high-quality real estates of inside and outside Japan.
Our group performs investment to leasing housing in Colorado, Illinois, and California in the U.S. (,
also high-rise quality accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (, as well as high-quality residential properties in Japan. Moreover, at the same time to invest in mortgage loans business in Phnom Penh city in Cambodia, we established BIT INVESTMENT Co., as a subsidiary of the real estate industry. We provide buying and selling of prime properties, intermediation and investment to lease housing in local field through partnership with a local corporation ANNA CAM PARTNERS Co.,LTD.

Securities Investment
BIT INC. invests in the companies with expectation of significant growth.

BIT INC. also assists company establishment and provides risk money
to start up companies and new business at the existing companies.