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Business related to Satellite Image
Streaming video platform of planet Earth
First ever high definition streaming video platform of planet Earth from space on the International Space Station (ISS)

URTHECAST image & video data is collected from high definition cameras on the ISS and downlinked to ground stations located around the world. There it is sent to Processing Center which generates the image and video files that are put on the URTHECAST web platform and distributed to the web and to mobile users in an interactive, near-real time, high definition experience.


  • A dynamic version of Google Earth with base map frequently updated and refreshed.
  • YouTube like search functionality ability to search videos by location, category, subject matter, etc.
  • Real-Time social layer integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Applications : Web Advertisement, Media Contents, Environment and Disaster Monitoring, Agriculture, Forestry, National Security

Service of Earth Observation Satellite Image Data and Related Information

BIT INC. provides various Optical and SAR image data from earth observation satellites and value added information generated by the data. BIT INC. also provides its consultation service.

Applications: Agriculture, Forestry Management, Environment and Disaster Monitoring, Maritime Monitoring